Nuaire has a dedicated BIM Team offering libraries of CAD/Revit/BIM files to a customer's exact specification. Nuaire's visually accurate models offer collision detection through geometry, connection positions, weights and electrical loadings. Project-specific performance criteria and support for design, project management and building operations can be requested which will result in improved design efficiency.

The majority of our Revit files are modelled using the 'type catalogue' method giving a much more efficient workflow for the user and offers the entire range of units within a single parametric model file. Many of the models offer additional, user-controllable features like the automatic addition of matched silencers, showing/hiding access clearance areas, amongst others.


What is BIM?

BIM is a method of collaborating the variety of industries within the construction sector into a detailed design model for a building. The concept is to minimise the impact of site delays and coordination costs required throughout the construction phases of a project.

The collaborative approach also provides the end client with detailed information of the building operation, maintenance information and a better understanding of how the building will perform during its lifecycle.

What does BIM offer?

At a strategic level, BIM offers the capacity to address many of the industries failings including waste reduction, value creation and improved productivity. The process of implementing BIM moves away from using conventional word-processing and CAD into the increased use of common standards and product orientated representations.

What does a Nuaire BIM model contain?

Nuaire has designed its BIM models as 'type catalogues' allowing the parametric selection of units and components from a single REVIT file. The file will contain selectable variables such as unit model, associated ancillaries, access requirements and weatherproofing ancillaries. The model will contain information about the specific product such as links to installation and maintenance guides, company websites, electrical data and acoustic data. Connection points are predetermined within the file to allow simple connection of ducting systems and ancillaries from a third party.

Why have Nuaire produced and hosted their own library of REVIT files for use in BIM?

We felt it important to lead the industry and innovate in our approach to BIM. As early adopters in 2013, Nuaire were the first ventilation manufacturer to provide a free level 1 BIM library of REVIT files for the ventilation equipment we offered. Since 2013, the industry has swiftly advanced through regulation and advances in BIM requirements and Nuaire set a dedicated resource to continually providing BIM support to our customers. We are able to provide BIM catalogue data as well as bespoke project specific files if required.

Nuaire also considered hosting their library on third party sites - as it stands at the moment we believe we can offer better quality control and service to our customers directly and have avoided any third party hosting for the time being.

What us the difference between a Level 1 model and a Level 2 model?

Nuaire's Level 1 models contained simplistic 3d models of our products representing spatial requirements for a unit and in some instances access requirements. Information contained within the file was limited to company websites and I+M links. The files were large in size and required an individual file per product type to be loaded into the BIM model at a time.

Level 2 files are now provided with more detailed product information and can be generated into the BIM model in a far simpler way using the 'type catalogue' method. Files represent entire product ranges allowing a simpler integration for the user and associated ancillaries are also contained within the file. The user is now able to toggle on or off access requirements and any requirement to weatherproof units. All of the information contained within the file can then be used to generate schedules or coordinate the site with clash detection and connections sizing.

One of the biggest changes you will see is the reduction in file size which in turn minimises the time it will take you to download or use the file in your BIM platform.

What if your Library does not contain the model I require?

The library will constantly be updated with new product releases and amendments to existing files where improvements are made. The library download is free of charge and hosted permanently on our website. If the file you require is not hosted on the library we will be more than happy to provide the files for you - just send an email with your requirements to and we will aim to get files back to you as quickly as possible.

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Where can I get a FREE Revit® Viewer

Revit® uses a proprietary file format, so only Revit® can read those files. But Revit® can run in "Demo Mode" without requiring a purchased license.

When in Demo Mode, Revit® will not allow you to save, export or print anything, but other than that it is very functional.

The setup program for Revit can be freely downloaded from Autodesk as a trial license (

When first installed, Revit® will be fully functional for 30 days, allowing you to also save, export and print.

After 30 days if no license information is provided, it will continue running in Demo Mode.

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